Our Youth Group meets each Sunday from 6-7:30PM for fun, games and refreshments. Due to planned activities, we may not be at the church. We meet from Labor Day until the end of May. Please contact the church for more information. 
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Christmas Party ~ 2017!!

Do you have what it takes to escape?  Our Youth Group does!  We found all the clues and solved the puzzle to get "out" in 60 minutes at Exit Strategy.  Everyone played an important part and we were able to "exit" our room!  I'm so proud of all these kids working together!  Such a fun event!

On a cold winter day in January, what better way to spend it than a mini-lockin!  Seven hours of fun, games, food and a whole lot of laughter!  I love seeing all the smiles! 

Yes! it was Christmas in June with Operation Christmas Child!  We were called to help with a special shipment going to a "sensitive" area.  In other words, we were not allowed to know where the shipment was going.  Anyone not on vacation joined in the work - in 3 hours we packed more than 200 boxes!  I love our Youth Group's serving heart.  <3