The Women's Circle is selling
Doby's Bridge Cook Books for only $15.  
This cook book has many of the delicious recipes we are able to enjoy each Second Sunday. Contact Belinda Cockerill or Judy Stegall to get a copy.
Prayer Shawl Ministry
The Women's Circle has a long tradition of making Prayer Shawls. When the prayer shawl maker begins making the shawl they will begin with prayers and blessings for the recipient and will continue throughout the shawl making.  Upon completion, our pastor offers a final blessing before the shawl is sent on its way.  The Circle presents these shawls to anyone during an illness and recovery; during bereavement; times of stress or loss; undergoing medical procedures.
Christmas in May Ladies Luncheon
Table by Pat Whitley
Cook and Wait Staff
Table by Jennifer Poston
Table by Donna McMillan
Table by Belinda Cockerill
Table by Katie O'Brien
Table by Anne Adkins
Table by Arlene Blondo
Table by Judy Stegall
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