The History of Doby's Bridge...


Doby's Bridge Presbyterian Church had its beginning in the fall of 1943 when two deacons of Unity Presbyterian Church made a visit to the community, four miles south of Fort Mill, to see if the people would be interested in starting a Sunday School. The deacons were Ralph G. Bryant, Jr. and Joe F. Brown. The Reverend J.W. Conyers was pastor of Unity Church at that time.

On December 19,1943, at 3:00 p.m., the first Sunday School service was held with an attendance of thirty-nine. Mr. Ralph G. Bryant, Jr., was the superintendent. This service was held in a four-room tenant house, which was also the birthplace of Dr. Robert G. Lee, noted Baptist minister. A Chapel was built on the site of the one-room Massey School. The Chapel was dedicated on December 14, 1947. The Church was organized on February 17, 1952. There were 61 charter members. On April 11, 1976, a dedication service was held for a new educational/fellowship building. A dedication service was held on November 2, 1986, for the sanctuary.


Previous ministers: Jamie D. Stimson, 1950-1954 Miles C. Wood, Jr., 1954-1956 Charles R. Womack, Jr., 1958-1996 James H. McGill, 1996-2014 Edgar N. McCall